$20 Below: Blind Tasteapalooza #2 Riesling

Plum Creek Cellars Riesling, Colorado, 2008

Price: Around $13.00

Impressions: The aroma and flavor of honey dominated this wine. I also picked up on some kerosene and rubber notes. Little to no fruit on the nose or in the mouth.

From the Winery: 13.3% alcohol

Note: Wine 1 from Blind Tasteapalooza #2

Score: 13/20


Beringer Founder’s Estate Riesling, California, 2010

Price: Retails for $10.00-12.00

Impressions: This may have been the biggest surprise in the tasting, standing up pretty well to the KFG and Eroica. Tart green apple and wet stone were apparent, with a nice sweet-tart effect in the mouth. Fragrant, refreshing, and best of all, readily available.

From the Winery: 11.5% alcohol

Note: Wine 2 from Blind Tasteapalooza #2
Score: 17.5/20


Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling, Columbia Valley, 2010

Price: Retails for $12.00

Impressions: As good a wine for $12.00 as you are going to see. Everything about this Kung Fu Girl was impressive, starting with ripe pear and honeysuckle on the nose, a beautiful harmony of sweetness, acid, and fruit in the mouth, and a nice clean finish. Buy this wine in bulk– I certainly plan on it.

From the Winery: 12.5% alcohol

Note: Wine 3 from Blind Tasteapalooza #2

Score: 20/20


Chateau Ste. Michelle/Dr. Loosen Eroica Riesling, Columbia Valley, 2010

Price: Retails for $20.00

Impressions: A wine full of surprises. On the nose, it presents with subtle floral notes and fresh lime. In the mouth, however, there’s nothing subtle about the explosion of tart lime, minerality, and the zap of acidity on the finish. A must-try.

From the Winery: 12.5% alcohol

Note: Wine 4 from Blind Tasteapalooza #2

Score: 19.5/20

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